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Knitted Skull Sweaters for Small Dogs

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Knitted Skull Sweaters for Small Dogs

Keep your best fur friend warm with these lovely skull sweaters. Comes in two colors, Pink with White Skull and Grey with White Skulls. Actual color may vary from picture.

Please note that these sweaters will fit small sized dogs only. 

                Bust X Length

XS           24cm X 19cm   0.5-1.5kg  (1-3lbs)              

 S            28cm X 21cm    1.5-2.5kg  (3-5lbs)        

 M           30cm X 24cm   2.5-3.5kg  (5-7lbs)         

 L            36cm X 28cm   3.5-4.5kg  (7-9lbs)      

XL           42cm X 34cm   4.5-6.0kg (9-13lbs)